Senior Embedded SW Developer / Architect

Is Embedded Software development your favorite discipline and do you have all-round knowledge in the field of both coding and architecture?

Then you should take your time to look further into this vacant position at BITZER Electronics in Sønderborg, where our team of skilled developers are working with electronics controls to support our customers' desires for improved efficiency of their products and less environmental impact.

We are busy working on new, exciting products and with maintaining our existing ones – and accordingly we are looking for an experienced and skilled senior embedded software developer / architect.
You will be a central figure in the development department since your task is to develop and integrate your own software components with other contributors. This is done in close collaboration with your 2 colleagues in Sønderborg and 5 colleagues in Europe

You must contribute with object-oriented design, development, and implementation. The split between your two roles will be approximately 45% coding and 55% architecture.
The following daily tasks will be within your field:
  • Contribute with product development in different teams
  • Arrange and participate in design sessions to reach a common understanding about the structure and behavior of a software component or system.
  • Develop generic software components and Board Support Packages in C++
  • Support your implementations with unit tests and integration tests where applicable
  • Arrange and participate in code and architecture reviews to ensure we reached the quality level required.
  • Promote reuse of software components, architectural decisions and development practices

Your educational background is probably an electronics engineer focusing on embedded software development. Preferably you have at least 5 years’ experience in the embedded world and currently you could be a specialist with the ambition to become an architect, or you have already worked with architecture and enjoy the combination between the two fields. We believe you will be successful if the following applies to you:
  • You have solid experience with embedded software development, preferably at the architect level
  • You know agile methods and scrum
  • You have experience with all phases of the software development process including specification
  • You can communicate and document your work with UML
  • You are a proficient C++ developer
  • You have a good understanding of the limitations of an embedded system
  • You can debug and troubleshoot on the embedded hardware

As a person, you are self-driven and able to find the required information to solve your tasks. You must be a structured person working to get things done – if you are known as a finisher with a high focus on quality then that is what we are looking for.
In the architect role you must also be able to see things in a broader perspective – seeing the bigger pictures and being able to communicate these across teams is extremely important. We are looking for a robust and sympathetic colleague who prioritizes teamwork.

Please do not hesitate to send you CV and application – we are looking very much forward to receiving your materials.
If you have questions for the position you are welcome to contact Uffe Lunddorf for further details.

At BITZER Electronics you are offered
A job in an innovative company where you will interact with experienced and professional colleagues, developing world leading, energy efficient, customized electronics for our customers.

BITZER Electronics is a company with global visions, strong values, and room for differences. 
We practice work life balance and have a short chain of commands.
We are among the best work places in Denmark, currently ranking #7 on the “Great Place to Work®” Institute’s list of the best workplaces in Denmark 2019

Furthermore, we offer a highly specialized environment where you can put your own fingerprint on our solutions and demonstrate a high level of responsibility. Learn more about BITZER’s work environment at, or ask us for contact details on one of our employees, who will tell you more about our work environment.


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Deadline:As soon as possible
Contact person:
Marck Thorning +45 20 85 75 85
Work place:
Bitzer Electronics A/S Kærvej 77

Puls Human Relations ApS
Mariegade 8A, 6400 Sønderborg
CVR 36736488

Maj-Britt: +45 27 79 21 14
Marck: +45 20 85 75 85